Dough docker to minimize bubble in dough or pizza

Should you use a pizza docker?

A dough docker or pizza docker is a useful kitchen accessory to have when you do not have much time to rest the dough for the yeast to work through the gluten. A fast way is to use a fork to poke many holes on a dough, but it will be time consuming if you are also preparing other food. Our dough docker is a fast roller tool with many blunt metal pins to create many holes in dough in a single pass.

Creating many holes on dough will help the carbon dioxide gas and steam from escaping more consistently due to the consistent spacing of the metal pins of our dough docker. This will help to minimize the bubbles from forming on pizza or other pastries after backing, saving you time from redoing the pizza if it is ruined by a large bubble.

Using our pizza docker will be a breeze for creating holes in pizza dough before going into the oven whether you are at home or at a commercial pizzeria. Depending on the size of your pizza, just a few passes will do for creating many holes in the dough.

Pizza in oven forming a large bubble in the middle of the dough.
Pizza forming a large bubble in oven.